Leather Repair Service Providers:

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Arizona,  Mobile Leather Service 602-403-6138
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Portland, OR - the Leather Solution   503.723.9272

San Francisco Bay area  
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Seattle, WA - European Leather Repair  425.212.2390  

Sacramento, CA - Leather Care Company  916.412.5879   

Los Angeles, CA - Leather Care Services  562.693.7676  

San Diego, CA - Total Leather Care  619.561.6221  

Denver, CO - Complete Leather Service  303.431.5130

Dallas, TX - Leather and Wood Craftsmen, Inc.  972.475.6189  

Houston, TX - Total Leather Care  713.776.2090   

Austin/San Antonio, TX - Total Leather Care  512.282.9070

Chicago, IL - Total Leather Care  773.685.2162   

Cleveland, OH - the Leather Solution  330.848.3313

Pittsburgh, PA - Total Leather Care  412.247.9480    

Philadelphia, PA - Total Leather Care  215.672.1877  

NYC and CT - the Leather Solution  800.468.5852  

Washington DC - Gary Martin Leather  540.775.1770   

OK - By George! Furniture Repair  405.354.0554  

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